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A Roof is a Roof, or not?  Why is a good roof so important to your home?

A Roof is a Roof, or not? Why is a good roof so important to your home?

Usually, you do not pay a lot of attention to the roof of your home.  It is there and looks like many other roofs.  But, the roof is what protects you and the inside of your home, from the elements.  When it rains, it keeps the rain out.  Rain falls on the roof and runs down to the gutters and down pipes.  The same happens to hail falling on the roof, but hail can cause damage.  Strong winds can also cause damage, even when your roof is still newly installed.


If you want to keep your roof in a good condition you have to do roof inspections regularly.  You can do the roof inspections mostly yourself, but it is important that a Registered Roof Inspection Contractor, inspects your roof too.  Insurance companies tend to insist on proof, certificate, that your roof has been inspected by a professional.

There are many different types, shapes as well as different materials that a roof can be, but the fundamentals stay the same.  Your roof needs a certain structure, it needs sealing, it needs protection and it needs general care.  As with the foundation of a house, the roof is important to the integrity of a home’s structure.

Weather is the principal concern as far as roofs go.  High winds, heavy rain, hail storms and heavy snowfalls will all influence the integrity of your roof.  A good, high-quality roof offers protection and assurances which a lesser-quality roof won’t stand up to the rigours of a really bad storm.

3 Things a High-Quality Roof will offer you

  1. It is essential that your roof should keep you dry. Your roof must keep out all water and moisture.  If it cannot do that, it is not serving its purpose sufficiently.  A leaking roof is not something that you can always notice from the onset of the problem.  Even the smallest amount of moisture can result in damage to the rafters and other structural support.
  2. Energy-efficiency is an important attribute of your roof. Inefficient roofs can be responsible for as much as 50% of energy loss.  This energy loss applies to the loss of cool air in the hot summertime as much as to the loss of heat during winter months.  That can also apply to extra money spent on heating or cooling.  Solutions to improve your roof’s efficiency do exist.
  3. Beauty is a substantial benefit for your roof. What about beauty?  It does not hurt anyone if your roof can add beauty to your property.  Visual appeal can go a long way.  Beauty increases your home’s curb appeal, which means higher property value.

To make sure that your roof keeps its high-quality status keeps you dry and keeps you cool in summer, and warm in winter, you need to look after it.  Do regular roof inspections yourself and schedule a professional to inspect your roof regularly.