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5 Tips when Choosing the Best Roof Restoration Company for your repairs

5 Tips when Choosing the Best Roof Restoration Company for your repairs

Knowing which Roof Repairer to hire for your repairs can be a challenging and confusing affair.  Below we provide a list with helpful tips to assist you in finding the best contractor and best value and service for your money.


  1. Communication is of the utmost importance: Communications is the key to every business.  Were their frontline contact personnel able to give you the information you needed?  Did they answer all your questions to satisfaction?  Did you receive the documentation and information you asked for?  Did they follow through on your requests?  If you answered no to these questions, go to another company.  If they cannot provide service while trying to get your business, it might go even worse once they started working.
  2. Get all the Details of the job in writing: You are entitled to get a full description of what is going to be done, when, how it is going to be done, how long it will take and the costs that it entails.  We suggest that no funds be paid before completion of the work.  Discuss terms of payment before the start of work.  Make sure that you are satisfied with the result, before final payment.
  3. Choose a local contractor: When possible choose a local contractor.  This will mean that they are an established business with a reputation in the community.  The guarantee you will receive after completion of the work is only a piece of paper if the company that provided it no longer exists.
  4. A cheap price is not everything: Do not choose a company only based on a lower price.  Quality work needs warranties and guarantees which might make their overhead costs higher and influence their price, but their work and workers are all insured.  In the long run, you get what you pay for and seldom run into trouble regarding work quality.
  5. Avoid hiring Storm Chasers: People going around, knocking on doors and promoting their roofing expertise, is just looking for customers and trying to sell their business.  Pick a Roof Repairer with referrals.  Check for licences, insurance and certificates of compliance.

These 5 tips will help you in the process of selecting a Roof Repair Company.…