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How to Maintain your Roof and its Essential Functions to the Ultimate Best

How to Maintain your Roof and its Essential Functions to the Ultimate Best

Your roof is an important part of your home.  It protects your family from the elements, for instance, like, rain, hail, snow, wind and sun.  It keeps you dry in a rainstorm, sheltered from a hailstorm, warm against the snowfall and winter cold, and cool in the summertime.  To be able to perform all of these functions, your roof needs to be kept in good condition.


Things you can do yourself to keep your roof in a good condition:

Check for Debris on your roof.  Large trees with branches hanging over the roof will drop leaves, twigs, small sticks and sometimes larger pieces of branches on your roof.  Large amounts of leaves and sticks and other debris can collect in overhangs and clog the gutters.  If you cannot climb ladders to clean your roof, hire a roofing professional to clean up.  When the rain or snow comes, you will be saying thanks that you did.

Keep the gutters clean.  Before the seasonal rains or snow or wind starts, clean all the gutters and drainpipes. If the water cannot flow freely and drain from your roof, it might cause serious problems.  Water that collected in gutters and pipes can turn to ice and clogs up more moisture around your home.  This dampness and moisture can damage your home’s siding, woodwork and foundation.

Remove or Trim large trees around your home.  You might need to hire a Tree Trimmer to trim trees, particularly trees overhanging your roof or trees near to the house because they have the necessary tools and training to do the job.  Heavy snow falls that collects in the branches can break and cause damage to the physical structure of your home.

Walk around the outside of your home and look at the roof from below.  If you notice anything out of the ordinary or visible sagging, you should contact a Roof Inspection Contractor.

Roof Rakes are a handy tool to clear debris, and snow, from your roof.  If the debris or snow is too much for you to handle by yourself, call a professional roof contractor.

Have a lookout for broken or cracked tiles, rusted screws and bolts, sun or water damage to waterproofing and damp wood work.  These can leave your roof vulnerable and open to nesting insects or small animals looking for shelter.

It is essential that you perform a roof inspection yourself at least once a year or if possible with every change of season.  Each season brings its own hazards with it.  Your roof inspection should include both the inside and the outside of your roof.

The exterior inspection should include; buckling, curling or broken shingles, missing shingles, popped nails. Damaged vent pipes, worn or broken flashing, moss and lichen, blocked gutters, roof overhangs and peeling paint on the undersides.

The Interior roof inspection should include; darkened spots on ceiling, peeling or bubbling paint on upper walls, damp areas, and water stains on pipes from the water heater or furnace.

Being proactive is a good start in maintaining your roof.  But when you cannot handle it yourself, contact a Roof Restoration professional.  They have the knowledge, know-how, ins-and-outs; the correct tools and safety equipment that will help you ensure good health to your roof.…